About Us

Lotteries date back many thousands of years and are believed to have originated during the Han Dynasty in China around 205 BC. From their inception, Lottery games were used to fund common causes including the Great Wall of China.

This traditional tie between Lottery Games and Good Causes survives to this day and is enshrined in legislation that prohibits the operation of lottery games for any other purpose other than raising funds for Good Causes. Unfortunately, outside National State Lotteries and a few exceptions, the operation of Lottery Games for the benefit of individual charities has not changed much since the days of the Han Dynasty.

This is where Nektr is different !

Nektr combines the extensive expertise of enthusiastic staff that have successfully operated and advised National Lotteries in the UK and around the world with the latest proven and secure National Lottery technology.

We deliver bespoke Society Lottery games that are tailored to the individual objectives of your charity, that will supercharge your fund-raising and allow you to deliver high quality games that your supporters will want to play and win.

We are passionate about the power of Lotteries to raise significant additional funds for Charities and Societies and truly believe that with the latest technology and deep Lottery expertise we possess, we can make a difference for you.

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